A healthy me!

Irritable bowel syndrome taught me a way of life i would have never imagined, I have learnt to read the packaging of food before i buy it and i will think twice before i place a piece of chocolate in my mouth. The consequences are just to horrible to explain.

Since changing my diet completely i have managed to lose about 15Kgs in a time period of 6 months and still going strong.

I have way more energy then what i had previously and i go to the gym for 2 hours everyday. My IBS attacks are much less as well i will have an attack 1 month maybe where before it would last for 2 weeks. The best part for me is not having the horrible cramps anymore. The moment i eat something bad my stomach will react immediately. It is all about reading the food labels and staying away from the bad food.

I have been following the reboot sleekgeek detox eating plan and just adjusting it to fit my diet you can follow the link below if you want more information about the diet.


It is all about eating clean and training dirty.

Have a super great day!



Miracle Oil

I have been using a large quantity  of medication over the past few years and have decided to do some research on Natural remedies that might give some sort of relief for IBS and that does not cause any harm to the the other organs as you all know if it good for one thing it damages the other like my poor liver.

The first remedy i looked at is Siberian Pine nut oil my husband is convinced it will help me so i decided to first do some proper research. According to (the other option) the Siberian pine nut oil is a miracle oil that takes away IBS symptoms. This oil does not only help with IBS but other stomach and digestive problems, see list below:

Abdominal Burning, Discomfort and Pain
Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux in Babies
Acid Reflux in Pregnancy
Barrett’s Oesophagus
Bloating and Gas
H. pylori
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Peptic Ulcers

I definitely want to try this tonic to see if it will help me.Capture                                                                                                                            To purchase purchase product click link below:


For more information with regards to the Siberian Pine nut oil go to the following link http://www.theotheroption.co.za/ 

If anybody used this before i would really like your feedback.


Thanks and have as great day!!



Why does it hurt?

This past few months i was very good with what i was eating and had absolutlely no issues with my stomach, but i think you all knows what happens when a craving strike! I had bread and that was my biggest mistake i ended up with the worst abdominal pain, bloating, and a very strange burning sensation to my gut that i never felt before.

The strangest things are happening to my system and i am really struggling to keep strong. I decided to dose myself with a half a bottle of Gaviscon 1 Tablet of bevispas, 1 tablet of Spasmo 1 altosec and probiotics and had some relief.

I must say the Spasmo and Bevispas together has a quick relief i know they are the same type of medication but they work even better together. Currently i am hanging on a thread with regards to this pain management and it is obviously time to go back to My Doctor for a check up.

If you want more information with regards to Bevispas click the link below:


and for Spasmo Canulase see below:



If anyone has experienced the burning sensation to the Gut before please feel free to comment as i am very interested in to hear what caused it?



My journey

My journey with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) started at a very young age of 23. In the beginning I thought it was just something bad I ate but due to the continuous occurrence I knew something was very wrong with my system. The first few years of my illness I went to a lot of GP’s (house doctors) and they all told me the same thing that I have GAS I was at the stage of my life where I felt that all these doctors are clearly doing something wrong so I went to another doctor that finally referred me to a specialist.

It has been a very tough journey as the tests the specialist did was horrible but I had to endure it if I wanted to know what the actual problem was. Well after all the testing was done they finally could give me an answer and that was Irritable Bowel Syndrome al so known as a spastic colon I thought this doctor was crazy it was something I never heard of before. The doctor informed me that there is no real cure for IBS and the main cause of the disease is stress the added disadvantage if I can say that is that there are quiet a lot of foods that trigger IBS, but the doctor couldn’t give me a list I had to keep a food diary and write down every time I had a reaction of something I ate. Well I decided to go to my trusted friend Google to see what IBS was all about. The things I read were out of this world I could not believe there was a whole community going through the same thing as I.

My food intake is very minimal I have discovered over the years that caffeine, diary, acidic foods and gas forming foods and beverages are the main triggers for my IBS, yes I am not allowed to drink Coffee or eat chocolate no cakes basically no comfort foods. A very sad life I thought as when I went to a party I couldn’t consume any alcoholic beverages as it affected me as well, I could not eat the snacks the host provided as it was not friendly enough for my colon. I then decided to start taking my own snacks and beverages with to parties to not feel out and say no thank you for everything my friends and family presented. They probably thought I was very weird for not eating when I come to their homes and taking my own snacks made me feel part of the crowd eat when everyone else does and not watch everyone around me with a growling tummy saying feed me please.

Over the years my family has adapted to me being the one with the tummy problem and will make a special meal for me who I do appreciate because they know, a healthier lifestyle means a healthier colon and a happy me.